Welcome to ProBar by Entertaining Essentials!

ProBar is proud to be part of the Entertaining Essentials family. The same quality ingredients now distributed by the one company that truly understands our heritage and the industry.

The Best Ingredients

Party On with ProBar! The best Margarita has to come from the best ingredients. ProBar’s freeze dried crystals are made from real lemons, limes, and orange juices, plus real cane sugar making it the perfect balance of real fruit and natural sweetness. We have won 95% of all taste tests against all competitors [liquid and dry]! Just add liquor, water, and ice and enjoy!

Designed For You

What makes our product awesome? It was designed with YOU in mind! Made with the best all-natural ingredients, ProBar offers a long shelf life making storing product easy PLUS it is lab-certified Gluten Free! Take the ProBar Taste Test️™ and you won’t be disappointed!